quinta-feira, setembro 03, 2009

Assim mesmo é que é!

Não tanto o que te dizem, é mais o que te fazem sentir... Tirado daqui.
(When I was in college, I used to work in the cafeteria. On this day, two girls are making fun of a third.)
Mean Girl #1: “Oooooh, a hamburger? So much for that diet.”
Mean Girl #2: “Are you kidding? She’s never been on a diet in her life!”
(The third girl who they are talking to is, for the record, very nice looking.)
Girl #3: *taken aback* “I…I worked out today. I need the protein.”
Me: “Come on, leave her alone. She can eat whatever she wants!”
Mean Girl #1: “Yeah, I guess you don’t have to worry about what you eat if you’re already fat and ugly!”
(One of my coworkers has been listening from a distance. He walks over, looks all three girls up and down, and then turns to the third.)
Coworker: “Excuse me, miss, but do you think I could get your phone number?”
Girl #3: “Are you serious?”
Coworker: “Completely! Who wouldn’t want a date with a beautiful girl who knows how to take care of herself?”
(This was five years ago. I’m going to be the best man at their wedding.)

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