segunda-feira, maio 08, 2006


This weekend was ruined by some jack-ass that shouldn't have a drivers licence in the first place. That jerk didn't stop at a Stop sign and wrecked my car's front. It's always a nice weekend start... So, part of my weekend was ruined!

Well, on a positive note, the weekly soccer game went ok, and i scored two nice goals... and failed two or three times more! ;) Oh, and my heart's club, Sporting entered directly to the Champions League thanks to its 2nd place on Super-Liga.

It seems that Apple will launch something new tomorrow, and i'm really anxious to see whatever it is! Many sites talk about their new affordable notebook, and i do hope they're right! The MacbookPro is too damn expensive! 2700€ is a lot of money for a laptop, no matter how good it may be!

Well... This week will be a gadget week. Maybe i'll feel a little better if i just stay glued to some material stuff, for a change.

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Pi disse...

Ok, pronto... já passou... Agora volta lá a falar português, que caso não saibas é muito mais agradável, além de que o leque de vocabulário é bastante superior :P