sexta-feira, outubro 14, 2005


Winter never gets me down
It’s just a feeling
Feeling fine
To care for you or not to care
A goddamned thin thin line

We’ve got to sing this song
It takes us way too long
We’ve got to sing out of key

Hooverphonic - Sometimes
Aconselho vivamente. Muito boa música!

3 comentários:

lulinha disse...

and God said "Oh my God!"
What's happened to the human being
What's happened to my lovely creatures
They all become a cold machine
No more love no more power
Machine without gasoline
Wake up Wake up crowd
Wake up from your boring dream

Ricardo Ramalho disse...

Emir Kuturica & the no smoking orchestra - Unza Unza Time


Mas gosto desta parte sim senhora. É muito gira sim senhora! ;)

Parafuso disse...

Now there's some grinning goon
On my TV screen
Telling us all that
It's alright because
She wears this and
He said that and
If you get some of these
It'll all be alright
Yeah if you get some of these
It'll all be alright
Well I refuse
To be a cynical goon
Passing the masses
An easy answer
Because it won't be alright
Oh no it won't be alright
It won't be alright
Unless you get up
Come on and get up